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Who we are

Fashion & lifestyle e-commerce is a demanding business that needs many factors managed in short time-frames with minimal tolerance for error, but with maximum potential for success.

Machinas is the e-commerce company that gets things done.

Whether your company is determined to boost their ongoing business or you are about to enter e-commerce for the first time, Machinas is a unique company as we offer a complete package for all your on-line business needs.
Founded in the year 2000 in Amsterdam, Machinas relocated to Barcelona in 2004. Having worked all these years with top brands we have an unrivaled amount of valuable experience in the world of fashion & lifestyle e-commerce.

During this time we have developed both a specialised team that is 100% focused in delivering for e-commerce and a culture; a culture of success.

Our results, growth and long-lasting client collaborations are the product of this working philosophy, experience and stability.

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Machinas is a leading multinational English speaking new-media company based in one of the most beautiful areas of Europe: Barcelona, Spain.

We have over 16 years of experience specialising in e-commerce for the fashion industry.

With clients such as ESPRIT, JACK WOLFSKIN and BIRKENSTOCK we are constantly evolving and developing our worldwide design solutions, our strategies and our team in order to remain the market leaders in this sector.

We work to high standards in creativity and innovation; but also in accuracy, e-commerce speed and professional relations with our clients. We are a multinational team - our creative environment consists of individuals from over 15 countries.

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Our approach

We love a challenge.

Every problem is just a test for us to find the right solution; the right solution for you, your brand and your business.

We research, analyse, think, improve; but most importantly:

That is the difference between us and our competitors - we have always worked with large fashion & lifestyle brands, we understand the time, effort and skill it takes to create a brand value and our approach is always to create success while building on this brand value.

In our hands your brand will never be cheapened or damaged.

We can create an optimised, successful, growing e-commerce business for your brand that fits perfectly into the global image architecture.

From this we build our creative, strategic, innovative concepts that are customised to your brand. In this level of business there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Your brand will blossom in our personalised creations.

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Our work

We have a great team but in order to do great work you need great clients. Luckily for Machinas for many years we have been collaborating with some of the biggest names in the world of fashion:

Escada Esprit Jack Wolfskin Your name here...


As one of the world's leading luxury womenswear brands, ESCADA stands for modern elegance, cool glamour, and sensual femininity. The brand provides a distinct sense of refined quality, workmanship, and excellent fit and is characterized by color, print, and the love for detail.

Under the two product lines ESCADA and ESCADA SPORT the brand offers its customers a lifestyle concept for dressing, filled with everything from must-have daywear for business and leisure to glamorous eveningwear as well as ESCADA shoes, bags, fragrances, eyewear, home textiles, watches and jewelry.

Machinas has been collaborating with Escada since 2012 to prepare for their on-line store launch and website update in 2013. We used our experience to produce the design, the functionality and the structure of the on-line store in order to meet their targets that they set. We also created and implemented the strategy and process behind their direct marketing material such as newsletters, in-store content and offsite banners as well as maintaining their corporate website.



Esprit is an international fashion brand that has been bringing style and quality to life since 1968. Founded in San Francisco effortless style, authentic, and easygoing living are at the heart of the brand philosophy.

Machinas has been collaborating with Esprit since their on-line store launched in the year 2000. During this time we have been part of the process that has helped it to grow into one of the top 5 most successful e-shops in fashion.



Birkenstock is one of the top five global footwear brands. They are specialized in work and street footwear for women, men and children. They produce different models and products: sandals and shoes, accessories and natural cosmetics.

A global brand with German roots, the company’s roots can be traced back to 1774. The brand identity is based on a solid foundation of two and a half centuries of corporate history. Birkenstock is a global brand and one of the most well-known German brands in the world.

This brand has been a global player since the 1970s. Their products are sold in some 90 countries on all continents.



HUGO BOSS is one of the world market leaders in the premium and luxury segment. With its brand world including the BOSS core brand, the lines BOSS Orange, BOSS Green and the progressive brand HUGO, HUGO BOSS targets different, clearly defined consumer groups. The brands cover an extensive product range consisting of classic-modern business wear, elegant evening wear and sportswear, shoes and leather accessories and licensed fragrances, eyewear, watches, children's fashion, motorcycle helmets, mobile phones, mobile accessories and home textiles.

Machinas started working with Hugo Boss on their on-line store in 2010. After an extensive analysis on the direction for the future growth we collaborated on a solution which has seen a complete overhaul of the design, the functionality and the structure of the on-line store in order to meet their targets for success.
We also modified the strategy and process behind their direct marketing material such as newsletters, on-line content and offsite banners.



Jack Wolfskin is an industry leader in the world of outdoor apparel and equipment.

Their products include mountain and leisure clothing, footwear, rucksacks, sleeping bags, and tents. The brand is popular not only among hikers and mountaineers but predominantly worn in everyday situations; Jack Wolfskin clothes and accessories are fashionable is urban environments as much as in the wilderness.

Machinas started working with Jack Wolfskin in 2013.
We have collaborated on a complete overhaul of the design, the functionality and the structure of the on-line platform in order to meet their targets for success. We also modified the strategy and process behind their direct marketing material and continue to work with them on an ongoing basis.

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+34.933 023 640


Avinguda del Portal de l'Àngel,
Nº 24, 2° 1ª
08002 Barcelona,

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Our Team

Machinas is all about the people.
With good people you can do a good job - with great people it is no longer a job; it's a passion.

Here at Machinas we are lucky enough to have a team that are passionate about what we do.

We always strive to improve; to innovate; to perfect; to succeed; to satisfy & to enjoy.

To accomodate this very unique and talented team that we have at Machinas we have a very unique structure:

The Strategy Team The Design Team The Development Team The Project Management Team The Production Team

The strategy team

This is the team responsible for pushing the online store to reach new limits and to always be better.

When an online store is first set up it starts to breathe and live.
In order for it to grow and flourish it needs to be fed with frequent, fresh & inspiring content.

This is especially true for fashion e-shops as they live in the combined fastest-growing, ever-changing worlds of fashion & technology. To stand still is to die.

Keeping the visual fresh with intriguing content; presenting the product and promoting the online store with innovative newsletter and banner concepts are the tools that are necessary for keeping the online store alive.

Foresight & Planning
Content is what drives an online store and content should always be fresh, on-trend and intriguing. Our team and the client collaborate to find the right content for the right target for the right moment.

Where do great ideas come from? Is there a process? Are there steps that bring successful ideas to fruit? There is no correct answer, but with our team's mix of creativity and experience we are already on the right path.

Research & Development
What are the competitors doing?
What is hot in the market?
What are the new tools in design & technique?
What is good for a special promotion?

Being up-to-date is an important part of our job so a permanent research is necessary to develop the best product for your online store.

Tailored Solutions
Your brand is unique, your customer is unique and your online store should portray that and maintain that image with fresh customised results.

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The design team

Our advantage is that all our experience has been working with large corporate fashion & lifestyle companies.

We understand you.

We know how to respect and maintain your corporate image and while successfully transferring this brand value to an e-commerce platform.

With this experience we have been able to build an international, progressive design team containing individuals who are the very best at their profession.

High End Design
Our design team is specialised in e-commerce & web based design and concepts.
This team does not suffer from design-ego; everyone is focused on finding the best design concepts and solutions using their individual skill-sets in a team effort: the client's success is our only goal.

Brand Responsibile Design
We believe in a customised design/concept to fit your profile – there is no 'one size fits all' approach.
We are fully aware and respect the amount of thought, planning and time that has gone into creating your brand's image – we are here to maintain that.

Custom Structure
As a result of our experience combined with the experience our designers bring with them from working previously in other top studios; we have been able to structure the design team in a way to best suit the needs of working in e-commerce.
It is an efficient structure that also allows the room for creativity; it is unique to Machinas.
They are managing their projects.

Seeds for Creativity
We work in a beautiful studio in the city of Barcelona; one of the world's biggest creative hubs.
Working in a very creative environment placed in the main shopping district of Barcelona enables us to always be inspired by our creative surroundings.

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The development team

The development team are the digital architects that make our creations come to life. They ensure that not only are you supplied with the latest in technology trends and practice but that also what they create and build can be seen and interacted with by the maximum audience.

In this day and age of multiple browsing devices; from mobile to tablet to desktop, there is no point in doing beautiful designs if they do not function correctly in the ever-changing digital environment. This is never a problem for Machinas as our development team is involved in every project from it's inception to it's final delivery. They are constantly revising and researching trends and technique to make sure that what we are providing the client is the optimal most up to date solution.

These means that every solution provided is fully compatible and optimised not only for the different platforms, systems and resolutions of today but also of tomorrow.

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The project management team

This team that is the face of Machinas to the client.

Project management is the communication connection between the client, the customer and the product.

In order to provide a great quality product on time, managing projects means: being accurate, to understand the client, the needs of the client and the goals of the client.

Our team makes it easy for the client to move into the world of e-commerce. We have the knowledge, the vast-range of experiences and the structure to make it a painless transition.

The Project Management Team is the link and communication hub between the client and all the partner companies; we make sure things run smoothly and on time.

The Face
The project manager is the face of Machinas to the client.
Along with you they make sure that the projects are realised accurately and on time.

The Communication
Importantly, the project managers speak the language of the client so that communication is maximised.
A perfect communication is necessary for a good job.
The needs of the client have to be understood. All the information has to be collected and translated to achieve the optimal result.

Our project managers are the "owners" of the projects.
They take and maintain them.
They take care that it is in the best hands and finished in the best possible way.
They are managing their projects.

Making Your Life Easier
Part of the project manager's job is to make the client's professional life easier...
It's a simple concept; one that is the main focus of what we do here in Machinas.

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The production team

This team is the engine of Machinas, the team that ensures that a concept is produced into a beautiful product.

Having a nice concept and design is just the first step; producing it optimally is what creates the high-quality finished product. This is the product that goes live and will be seen by all your customers so it has to be of the highest standards; it has to be perfect.

One of the unique points of Machinas is that we not only have a creative and strategic design studio but also a fully comprehensive production team. They maintain the accuracy & quality that flows through all our departments and they meet the deadlines which is essential for success in e-commerce.

They are responsible for newsletter coding, banners formatting, localisation and language versions.

Global Production
After a design is approved the work starts for the production team. Newsletters, banners, animations, special promotions, etc. have to be programmed or produced and optimised for different dimensions, languages and formats.

Image optimisation
At Machinas we have image specialists that optimise all material. They are responsible for keeping the image of the client consistent and to a high standard and they make sure that the appearance of the visual is equal through all promotional materials.

The best newsletter design is redundant without the right technique for all email clients, the best banner ideas can be ruined by bad usability.
Our team of programmers make sure that the techniques, practices and knowledge are always up-to-date and optimised.

Globalisation means localisation.
Machinas can recommend and organise professional translations with external specialists.

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Career Opportunites

Machinas keeps growing & we keep getting better. That is thanks to the great individuals that have joined our team.

We need the right people to help us keep achieving this: Is that you?...

Current vacancies Send us your CV
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We speak your

Welcome to Machinas

Machinas is a creative agency offering design, strategy and digital solutions for the fashion & lifestyle e-commerce industries.

We are unique in that we offer complete across-the-board e-commerce solutions for:

- Design Services
- Strategic Planning
- Marketing
- Cross Platform Production

We provide these services for the prestigious global-leading fashions brands Birkenstock, Esprit, Hugo Boss, Jack Wolfskin and many more. 

We are situated in the center of the beautiful, cosmopolitan city of Barcelona.

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